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STREET DOGG: (Snoop Dogg) – Street Dogg is a rap icon who moves in next door to Sanjay and Craig. He is a cool, funny, friendly guy who is always eager to rhyme with the kids. Street Dogg has come to town to escape the bright lights of LA, chill out, make some new music and live a quiet suburban life.




SANJAY PATEL (Maulik Pancholy) – Sanjay is the hero of the show. He’s the one with the big plans, the big dreams, and the big heart. Sanjay is Craig’s best friend and the leader of their group of neighborhood pals. He’s enamored with larger-than-life heroes and longs to be one himself. Sanjay has no sense of what’s impossible or un-cool and as a result, he’s always up for impossibly cool adventures. Enthusiastic to a fault and endlessly curious, every new discovery becomes his new obsession. Excitable, passionate, goofy, klutzy and sweet, he’s the ultimate kid.



CRAIG (Chris Hardwick) – Sanjay’s best friend is a talking snake. They met in a pet store, but Craig is no pet. Sanjay and Craig are soul mates, partners in crime, and blood brothers all rolled into one. A master of disguise, Craig fools everyone into thinking he’s a human, even when he’s wearing nothing more than a baseball cap and T-shirt. Only Sanjay and his close friends, Megan and Hector, are aware that he can talk. His incredible squash-and-stretch abilities make him the most physically funny character, allowing him to stretch to any size as well as to eat or contain almost anything. When it comes to his daily adventures with Sanjay, Craig is the gasoline to Sanjay’s fire. Craig is convinced of his own awesomeness, even to the point of self-delusion.


MEGAN SPARKLES (Linda Cardellini) – Sanjay and Craig’s over-enthusiastic and overachieving friend. Whip-smart, multi-talented, and hotheaded, Megan is a triple-threat pageant winner who also holds a black belt in every martial art. Whether she’s churning butter on stage or thrashing Sanjay and Craig in a game of Jungle Safari Food Fight, Megan plays to win. Fortunately for Sanjay and Craig, she uses her vast arsenal of awesome skills to help them pull off their schemes. She also has a secret crush on Sanjay.


HECTOR FLANAGAN (Matt Jones) – Unflappable, underrated, and unselfconscious, Hector wants nothing more than to hang out with Sanjay and Craig. Although the boys are always happy to see him, their excitement often wanes as Hector’s hyper-enthusiasm and cockeyed observations go too far. Hector wears an eye patch and claims his monocular vision makes his other senses more sharp, though it’s unclear if he even needs to wear it. He is husky and tough, and although he often acts as the group’s strongman, he has a soft and generous heart.


REMINGTON TUFFLIPS (as himself) – Remington Tufflips is a washed-up action movie star from the ‘80s, but to Sanjay and Craig, he’s the raddest guy who ever walked the planet. Despite his has-been status, Tufflips’ ego and arrogance have swelled over the years, along with his waistline. Not that Sanjay and Craig notice. To them, he’s still the king of cool and in their adoring eyes. Although he’s Sanjay and Craig’s ultimate hero, he never remembers their names.


THE DICKSONS (Grey DeLisle) – Grubby siblings Sandy, Scabs, and Baby Richard (Nolan North) are Sanjay’s neighbors and punk rock gods. Outside of Remington Tufflips, they’re the coolest people in Sanjay’s world. Sandy’s the lead singer of their band, the Tuff Skulls. She rides a motorcycle with a sidecar for monosyllabic fraternal twin Scabs, which has an additional sidecar for Baby Richard. Although Sandy and Scabs look like bullies, they’re mostly indifferent to Sanjay and Craig’s adoration and would never intentionally harm them. Not so with Baby Richard. This diaper-wearing dirtbag is an unpredictable anarchist whose warped brain has earned him the nickname, The Doom Baby.


MR. NOODMAN (Tony Hale) – Leslie Noodman is Sanjay and Craig’s annoying, busybody next-door neighbor. Noodman has a pathological fear of snakes, making Craig his worst nightmare and mortal enemy. A lifelong bachelor, Noodman is unnaturally devoted to his cat, Lady Butterscotch, and is bizarrely obsessed with his favorite food, blueberries. His proximity to Sanjay and Craig’s house often makes him the inadvertent victim of the dudes’ backyard shenanigans and he’ll take any chance he can get to go after Craig with his trusty snake-smashing shovel.


BELLE PEPPER (Nika Futterman) – Belle is a sweet, smart, cool older girl and Sanjay’s unrequited crush. Her dad, Penny Pepper, owns the Frycade, the boys’ favorite hot wing and videogame hangout, where she works as a waitress. Unlike most girls, Belle is not afraid of snakes and freely pets Craig, fueling Sanjay and Craig’s never-ending argument over whom she likes more.


VIJAY PATEL (Kunal Nayyer) – Sanjay’s dad owns The Close-Out Blow-Out Depot, a wholesale clearance store that sells everything from bargain appliances to bizarre gadgets that he makes himself. Although no one ever buys Vijay’s inventions, he never gets down. Sanjay and Vijay have a great father-son bond. They share the same interests, they have similar personalities, and they’re both big dreamers.


DARLENE PATEL (Grey DeLisle) – Sanjay’s mother is the ultimate cool mom. She’s an ER nurse who shares Sanjay’s sick sense of humor. At the end of each day, Darlene loves regaling Sanjay with all the disgusting details of what she saw at the hospital. Whether Sanjay wants to see a butt transplant, a giant vat of pus, or get a sonogram of a fart, he turns to Darlene and she never lets him down.




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